Summer Issue 2010

Letter From The President and Chairman of The Board

Anne Forrest with Sami (Chicken) Knight, one of the 16,000 children in Florida with Juvenile Arthritis

Greetings Friends!! Happy Summer!!

I don’t know about you but the heat is getting to me!! Most of us know by now that moving is the best medicine for arthritis. With summer upon us, a great way to beat the heat and keep moving is to do it in the water!! Research has shown that physical activity decreases pain, improves function and reduces disability associated with all forms of arthritis.

No swimming is necessary in the AF Aquatic Program, a series of range-of-motion exercises in shallow warm water. Every class is taught by an AF certified instructor who is trained to match the class routines to the fitness levels of the participants. The buoyancy of the water keeps stress off the joints and the gentle resistance builds muscle strength and supports joints to encourage free movement. Call the AF at (800)-672-0882 to find a class near you, to order an instructional video or visit or for more information.

Summer means camping to kids and our JRA camps are in full swing!! Thanks to the generosity of the Saul & Theresa Esman Foundation and the Wassie Foundation every child who applied for camp this year was able to attend!! At three camps in Florida designed specifically for kids with arthritis and other rhuematic conditions activities such as rope climbing, horseback riding, swimming, crafts, dances and more create memories and friendships that will last a lifetime!!

Beat the summertime blues..."Let's Move Together" this summer with any activity that keeps us moving because, after all, moving is the best medicine!!

Anne Fair Forrest

Florida Chapter

Dennis Olden

Florida Chapter


The evening will also include the opportunity to participate in silent and live auctions and the crowning of the Royal Court. Read more...


Miami-Dade Leaders
Walk the Talk

Communication is key to 2010 Let’s Move Together Miami-Dade Arthritis Walk co-chairs Mireya Kilmon and Kathy Lubbers. Read more...

Blackjack or Bust
July 17 in Coconut Creek

Snapper – that’s slang for blackjack – will be on the menu July 17 at Buffalo Wings and Rings, 4443 Lyons Road in Coconut Creek. Read more...



Now is the time to plan for a face-to-face meeting with your member of Congress and your U.S. Senator in his or her district office. The August recess is fast approaching, so contact the District Director for your Congressman and request an appointment now. Make sure you attend your meeting armed with information regarding the prevalence of arthritis in Florida, the need for more pediatric rheumatologists and the need for increased and sustained funding for arthritis research. For information on how to find your Representative, visit Be a part of the solution – advocate!

The best way to keep from feeling alone is to CONNECT. Meet our new and quickly growing Florida State “Facebook Mom Squad”, listen to voices from around the state in our “Speak Out” area, and read touching stories from our volunteers about their experiences with arthritis in our “In Your Owns Words” area. Learn more...

The second half of 2010 finds us completing our Walks in Southeast Florida
, “boning up” with our Creaky Bones events along the Central Gulf Coast and “jingling to the sounds of bells” all around Florida launching the Holiday season beginning Thanksgiving weekend with our Jingle Bell Run/Walks! Joints In Motion Team Florida is forming now for the Walt Disney World Marathon in January. Learn more...

Some Products Can Make Living with Arthritis Easier
Today's tamper-resistant packaging, child-proof bottles and unwieldy kitchen tools often leave us wondering why a company would make such an "unfriendly" product. Learn more...

A message from the Arthritis Foundation

“Im leaving something special for my grandchildren in my plans – a gift to help cure arthritis.”

Many good things come to us as we get older. My grandchildren are one of them. Arthritis is not. Learn more...


Sign up now and get a head start!!
2010 JBR Walk/Run

Punta Gorda
Fort Walton


Lake Worth

(OS-tee-oh-are-THRY-tis) (OA)

is one of the oldest and most common forms of arthritis. Known as the “wear-and-tear” kind of arthritis, OA is a chronic condition characterized by the breakdown of the joint’s cartilage.


Florida Chapter “Treasures”

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The Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
are part of the newest incarnation of Roller Derby. Offering up that good old fashioned roller derby excitement, this unrehearsed, all-female full-contact sport is raising the bar for entertainment value. Read more...


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